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Giclee is a French word for "ink splashing". The method was originally developed in 1989 as a digital alternative to lithographic reproduction. In this process, a gentle spray of ink more than four million drops per second is sprayed on canvas. Each drop is four times smaller than a human hair. This creates a combination of 512 different colors in about 10 million high absorption options of non-toxic ink, giving each picture the full, vivid, velvety and illuminated results of an original painting on canvas.

The Giclee print is protected by ultra-violet layers to ensure that the customer receives a museum quality picture on canvas, and the print is like an original painting.

The Giclee prints have been admired by artists, photographers, designers and art lovers around the world for their accuracy and color compatibility for the original work, which surpasses the quality of lithographs and even silk prints. In fact, the prestigious Louvre museum, like many other museums, displays prints of Giclee instead of paintings that should not be taken out of the museum vaults for fear of damage, .theft or insurance costs

Our art work is printed on an Epson printing machine, with eight pigment colors in original Epson ink only! We use 240 gm fine art paper.